Bicycle Liberation Front

Blaze ever brighter the flames of proletarian struggle in our homeland! The beacon of emancipation is with us!

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This page has a few pictures and a little explanation of some of those who participated in the construction of BLF devices. Many more have helped, but I don't have their pictures, or I'm too lazy to find them.


Every pseudo revolutionary group needs a leader, or at least a web designer.

Check out my web page, check out wasabi, come on the damn ride if we ever have one again. For that matter, email me,

I cut my hair and don't look like this anymore. If you're thinking about cutting your hair, be you male or female, don't. You'll be sorry. Unless you have a mullet. In that case, your quality of life will improve substantially, and people may even smile at you.

This is Graham. Very few pictures exist of Graham not riding a bike. That is his truck. It is growing even more stuff than Collin's car was before he forgot to put oil in it..

Graham is a Mechanical Engineer, and is in a constant state of shame and horror with regard to BLF construction techniques.

Collin is the Secretary of War for the BLF.

This is Collin. He hits things. He got a sweet quantum smooth Klein Quantum Race from his mommy for doing something or other.

The Collinisms will give you an idea of the dire thing it is to be Collin.