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The Ben in the High Castle

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I really like the high floor on buildings. This could be the result of 5 years of staring at walls out my window in Seattle, NY and London. I'm wondering if there's a way to get the high floor without all that bit in the middle.

In Texas they put the parking garages on the low floors and the apartments higher up. What about something a little more extreme?

I'm thinking Cloud City of Bespin from Star Wars or that floating city in Dragon Ball Z. I think we might be able to build that relatively cheaply.

You would need to generate lift somehow. Some options immediately spring to mind:
(1) Live in a tethered blimp. It could be filled with helium or perhaps hot air heated through solar, gas, even an electric heater tethered to solar panel/electric grid on the ground.
(2) As long as you're thinking about powering it, why not use gigantic helicopter like blades. I wonder what the math works out to on that one.

Really all I'm thinking is a tractor trailer in the sky with a little elevator. That should be eminently doable. I'm really wondering about buying a couple acres in the middle of nowhere on a lake in Texas... actually the lake might have an added bonus if this thing failed catastrophically...

In the meantime I'll have to settle for Hilton upgrading me to the executive floor.


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