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Melty Plastic Goo

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I'm a little disappointed by the 3d printers out there, at least the hobbyist ones. I'm not sure about the professional machines yet.

I would think these things are going to explode as soon as it's possible to print a 3d printer on a 3d printer. The RepRap people seem to claim you can print one but that's a little disingenuous as you buy all the exciting bits and then print a little plast to help hold them together.

Part of the issue is that I'm having a hard time imagining what you could print out of plastic that would actually be useful. I look around my apartment and virtually nothing is made out of plastic. As many things as I could manage are wood, metal, paper, leather. I am wondering if I go ahead with this wearable thing if it might be useful to fab bits out of plastic on one of these things. Not sure...

Since 3d printers self duplicating seem a long way off, I'm wondering what else there might be.

Some sort of home lithography thing would be fascinating. Just keep printing more and more nodes, maybe buy a bunch of solar cells. If nothing else, I could always aim the thing at making me some bitcoins.

Not terribly exciting either, but better.

What if you could build a little solar powered earth mover? Set it loose on a couple acres in the middle of nowhere in Texas and have it build a modern great pyramid? That seems at least moderately feasible.

I wonder what it would take to get that going...


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