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George Carlin and Stuff

posted by ben on 11.07.03 at 13:37, null, null, 1 comment Permalink

I'm a little concerned about the masses of things I cart around when moving from place to place. I think I have far more belongings than many of my old friends, yet fewer than most any of my peers. It's an odd place to be. The past few weeks I've been cutting down massively, selling all sorts of random stuff on ebay. That was more trouble than it's worth.


Thinking more about the Stross augmented consciousness sort of thing, I'm wondering if blindly getting rid of my belongings is a bad idea. The books, music and movies I've consumed have had a significant effect on my character.

The physical items serve as useful reminders. While I may never read most of the books I have, they are useful both as reference and as a symbol that serves to trigger memories. If I actually knew anything about how the brain works perhaps this argument would be coherent.


Comment from: Pat Burns [Visitor] Email ·
I think of my books as carbon storage.
Permalink 07/05/11 @ 09:16

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Comment from: Pat Burns [Visitor] ·
I think of my books as carbon storage.
Permalink 07/05/11 @ 09:16