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feeling meta

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I !<3 NY

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My sunlight is going away.
The view from my living room:
(Also, I want the six legged majority to live somewhere else)
Vive Londres!

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Are they close enough to climb out onto now? That could be fun. I miss the pipe...
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There's currently an impressive I beam a foot from my window. Soon there will be corrugated metal 6 inches from my window.

Also: I love my chair.
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like the past

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it's a tragedy,
completely undeserved.
call your senator.

Reasons I hate eclipse:

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(1) "we don't need main anymore" - apparently the Java convention of using a main method, inherited from C, is too simple. Instead, eclipse keeps programmers off guard with a vast array of config files and an application loader.

(2) "jars are legacy" - my eclipse book actually says this. In the modern eclipseified world we are apparently supposed to blow our jars apart and then glue them back together into eclipse packages... because using existing standards is for sissies.

(3) "by default everything can move" - because no one really wants tabs to stay where they were when the application loaded. Instead, it's better to accidentally click close and have a vital menu disappear. Bonus points: store the current perspective so that even if the user closes the application and reloads it, the perspective is still fucked up.

(4) "confusing and useless sample apps" - sure legions of programmers have learned UI programming from calc and paint examples, but what they really wanted all along was a sample help browser for an application that doesn't exist.


All this said, I do recognize that it's the only even remotely viable alternative to Mircosoft. So, if you want cross platform support, you're probably stuck, like me!


And it doesn't respect arguments to the JVM... classpath being the obvious one at the moment. This, a vision of what the world would be like it programmers ruled.