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Robotic Armageddon Playlist

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The Apparations - God, Monkey, Robot
Flight of the Conchords - Robots
Laziest Men on Mars - The Terrible Secret of Space
The Flaming Lips - One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21

Leif Ove Andsnes

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Playing piano on top of a mountain...

Debby Harry

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Everyone Should Listen to Beach House

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-Beach House
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Comment from: Jo [Visitor] ·
irrelevant: are you coming to cow-land?

also, any thoughts on my current dying-ibooky issue-- when i try to adjust the angle of my ibook screen, it often goes totally black. could there be a cable loose or something?
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
I get to Chicago Thursday.

A cable loose sounds like a reasonable guess. Surely it's under warranty...
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Comment from: Jo [Visitor] ·
it's four and a half years old! 3 yr apple care is long-dead.

see you on friday? van galder bus goes from chicago to uw, btw.
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
oh... I thought you got a shiny new one with more cores than an apple.
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I wanna be a ramblin man.

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I'm playing along to some live Soul Coughing by squeaking a floorboard with my left foot at 4 in the morning... unconsciously.

hear me oh gods of indinessitude!

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I understand The Tragically Hip have been around too long to be indie, but they were indie, maybe a few years ago... How? I don't understand how. The singer sounds exactly like Michael Stipe, stranger the song "Nautical Disaster" sounds like it was written and performed by Live. How can a band that sounds the same as the juggernaut that is REM be indie?

I really can't imagine a bunch of hipsters rocking out to Throwing Copper, so how does this work?

Someone explain. Come on Andres, are you still lurking out there somewhere? Surely you have an answer...

Isn't a band supposed to suck if it stole something from a Guided by Voices song that only two people have ever heard? What of a band that rips off Live?

panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda

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Deerhoof is on myspace. Yay.

-Questionable Content, "Number Fifty-Six: Also Songs About Cloning"
Comment from: graham [Member] ·
I like the joke in their comments.
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Nadia over and over.

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-Michael Nyman
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I'm having deja vu issues staring at this picture framed with the blog. Why?
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I'm drinking water in Seattle that is from Ohio that I bought in Fruita.

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I don't love anyone
no I just want my fun
I'm a happy man
yes I'm a happy man
-Covenant, "Happy Man"

It's art.

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-Hamster MIDI

Respectable Citizen

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I wandered around tonight and it felt like walking down the mall... until I ran into several men with dying arms selling drugs in the International District... and that was depressing. So, then I was wondering around, quite angry... fantasizing about cops chasing drug dealers away from anywhere that it's nice to walk at night...

So I went to Collin's Pub, got a Hale's and listened to a band called Respectable Citizen that seems to have no web presence... not even on myspace... One of the two keyboardists said they were influenced by King Crimson and Frank Zappa, but they sound like New Order and Information Society... and the keyboardist looks like he came from Flock of Seagulls... not that that's a bad thing...

The Troubadour Show

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So, I, uh, met this guy named Emery, which I thought was emory, last night... and he was alright... and he knows Gary, who lives upstairs... and they sometimes play music, so that was amusing...

It was outside the Bauhaus (which serves Zeitgeist Coffee (back right)), of course.

I also bought a piece of jewelry that involves a blue glass bead and a piece of "ti rebar wire," assuming such a thing even exists... from a man wearing black, who was black and had black dreadlocks... but despite all the disparate shades of black... had smiling eyes.

He was named Carl... but otherwise he seemed ok.

farscape and the melodrama

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Eating all the right food, taking all the right pills, turning on the TV,
Just trying to make the days a little shorter so the night comes quicker when I see you.

But the food doesn’t work,
and the pills don’t work and the silence hurts,
Can’t make myself fitter for you no matter how I try.

And the science fiction helps just a little,
numbs a little piece of me,
And the noise from the neighbours helps just a little,
Stops me from missing you.
And the stabbing in my heart it starts once too often,
why won’t you soften those blows?

Cause what you do to me stays with me,
Oh Honey I can’t wait till you're with me,
I need your body underneath me, every single night.

All my soul record spin on the Hifi, make me feel like god is within me, but he’s not, it’s a lie, I am empty.

When you’re gone, it’s all wrong, need your hips in my hands,
Need your lips on my neck right now.

-Hefner, "The Science Fiction"

new favorite crap indie band

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when he's holding then the streetlights seem an awful lot like spotlites. sometimes charlemagne gets uptight. running numbers between bars. running girls between the cars. and sometimes charlemagne feels all right. all right.

charlemagne had eyes like a lover. but last winter there was weather and his eyes they iced right over. cassanova's in the corner and he's asking for a dance. speedshooters driving round and coming down and tryna hook up with an exit ramp.

tramps like us and we like tramps. charlemagne's got something in his sweatpants.

holly was supposed to be at ccd but she was down on shady streets. she was looking round for something she could take up to a party. and it's not like she's enslaved. it's more like she's enthralled. she don't need it but she likes it. so she always makes that call. first it makes her feel tall then it makes her feel small and it's all a sweet fleeting feeling. they did the "been caught stealing" into "dancing on the ceiling." and you're damn right we danced. charlemagne's got something in his sweatpants.

do you want me to tell it like boy meets girl and the rest is history? or do you want it like a murder mystery? i'm gonna tell it like a comeback story. 'cause we when we left we were defeated and depressed. and when we arrived we were ripping high. we had a gun in the glovebox. we had some sweet stuff tucked into our socks. we had jesus christ in all his glory.

-The Hold Steady, "Charlemagne in Sweatpants"
Comment from: scott [Member] ·
Ah, junkie rockers...

Am I wrong?
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McSweeney's on the 1812 Overture

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And you are left, spent, sweating, lying on the floor of your apartment with a pain in your shoulder from conducting just a little too vigorously during the last cannon part. But it was worth it. And now, of course, there are no fireworks, but you can still feel the breeze from that hillside and imagine that your parents are just yards away, packing up their instruments and jingling the car keys to say, let's go home.

-Whitney Pastorek, "Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture"

What does it mean?

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Looking for Astronauts

We're out looking for astronauts, looking for astronauts
We're out looking for astronauts, looking for astronauts
It's a little too late, too late, too late for this
Isn't it a little too late for this
Little too late, too late for this
Isn't it a little too late for this
-The National

"The Fire Show" and then "The Arcade Fire..." stupid indie hipster people can't come up with novel band names...