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Aiden Byrne Podcasts

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here and here

Crumpets Royale

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London Restaurants: A Couple Notes

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I like The Eagle and The Peasant, both in Clerkenwell. Of course, I can't take credit for discovering The Eagle.

I want to go here when it opens... of course it's not in London, but oh well:

And here, but once again out there:

I've been here:
but not here or here yet:

I like this one:

My favorite:

My list of grand things yet to do:

benedict again and again

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...not thick enough... still tastes fine though...

Update: made it again... this time it was nice and thick, but my camera's dead... boo.

Braised Shin, Watercress, Potato, Moldovan Wine, Lots of Garlic

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I need my ring mold, squeeze bottles, and Larousse...

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In America, first you cook the vegetables, then you throw out the water, then you eat the vegetables.
In France, first you cook the vegetables, then you throw out the vegetables, then you eat the water.

benedict - spinach and salmon

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Jamie Oliver's Fifteen in London is a piece of shit.

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I say this in the hope that it will be properly indexed by the great and mighty google, so that my voice may be heard: Jamie Oliver's Fifteen in London is a piece of shit. Keep in mind this has nothing to do with the food... because I didn't get to try the food. Fifteen has a nice bar, where I foolishly thought I might be able to get a meal. The hostess was in on this delusion as well.

The manager, however, arbiter of all things great and managerial, knew better. He said, "if we served you a meal at the bar, then we would have to serve everyone meals at the bar." And this made me feel strangely guilty, as if I had done something wrong by sitting at the bar with a menu in front of me. It also left me feeling that sense of injustice I remember from middle school, compelling me to ask "and what would be wrong with that?" Admittedly, I was allowed to order primi at the bar, but only primi... and the only thing that looked even vaguely good on there was the gnocchi, but my roommate had the gnocchi and says it's crap... so I wasn't about to try that. I wanted the calf's liver, or maybe the polenta, both firmly ensconced in the secondi section... and, as such, not bar food.

Good restaurants serve food at the bar. There are numerous examples, some vastly better that what Fifteen could possibly be: Frasca, Masa, Bouchon and Le Pichet. I know of no counterexamples, while some of the best meals of my life were had at the Frasca bar.

All these are unnecessary complications. The point here is simple. The manager is an ass. His job, as near as I can tell, is to make sure customers are happy... instead he's made me quite angry. Though, I suppose you might argue that since I was unable to order any food, I am, in a strict sense, not a customer. But, I would have liked to have been. And now, rather that having created a potentially happy follower of the Jamie Oliver cause, I am instead a pissed off enemy who will continue to mock Jamie Oliver's Food Network origins, since this isn't a restaurant about food, but about its pedantic social agenda.

To summarize:
(1) The manager should be fired or severely beaten with a spatula, possibly both.
(2) Serve food at the bar.

Fennel Pollen

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...has something to do with Mario Batali... I forget.

Comment from: graham [Member] ·
Something besides the fact that he cooks with it?
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
It's actually a little more indirect than that... There's a cook in Tuscany who Bill Buford worked for after he worked for Batali who used fennel pollen which got me thinking about someone who likes fennel.
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Comment from: graham [Member] ·
If you assign a number to every letter beginning with a=1, b=2, etc, the sum of the numbers in "Bill" is 35 and "Buford" is 66. Add 35 to 66 and you get 101. 1+0+1=2, and there are 3 digits in 101, giving you 23!!!!!
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
point taken
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Coffee in New York

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Mud. East Village: 9th between 1st and 2nd. The coffee isn't very good and is hideously expensive ($3.75 for a medium latte (they call it a large)), and I think they're only open til ten. On the other hand, their mugs are great, people are friendly, it's dark and feels like a cafe. It's my current favorite.

Esperanto. Washington Squareish: Open 24 hours. Good pastries, friendly waitresses with great hair, clothes, accents, and so forth. Coffee kind of sucks, but they did try to make a rosette yesterday.

Verb. Williamsburg. 218 Bedford Ave. Once again, the coffee is kind of shitty, but it is a nice cafe. First US Coffee I had after my triumphant return from Europe ages ago.

Alt Coffee. East Village. ...reminds me of Prufrocks. Coffee is, once again, sort of bad, but they have pinball machines... and the barristas are distant and uncaring in a way that seems less contrived than hipster apathy.

9th Street Espresso. These people look like the Seattle coffee assholes I'm starting to miss. Their stupid cafe closed 4 minutes ago and I just found out about it. I have to wait till tomorrow, but I have high hopes, if only they had Bauhaus like hours, everything would be ok.

This has more coffee shops.

Comment from: ben [Member] ·
I'm sitting in 9th Street now. Coffee is better than typical New York, but less than glorious Seattle. My latte had that distinctive burned taste I've been told is indicative of complex coffee. My mocha had enough chocolate to cover that up. Both had pretty art. This is the first place I've seen a decent espresso machine in New York... they have a Marzocco... which looked strangely out of place to me in this city. It's been so long... Ah, sweet melodrama... I think the Bauhaus has one... I think, but it's red, right?

The cafe itself is cold. Cold, like Victrola cold. I think I saw a fellow Seattleite in here too, he was wearing a blue Feathered Friends vest... much like the one I'm currently using as a cushion on the back of my chair.

Overall, I think I like it. I just wish it were warmer in here and that the coffee were more about nuts and sweetness and less about complex character.
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Comment from: graham [Member] ·
Can someone please tell me why I would ever want to go to New York?
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Foie gras, watermelon, pistachio, sea bean, lovage

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New York: So many people, so much bad Pad Thai

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I do not recommend:

Room Service
Kai Thai
Some place on 7th between 2nd and 3rd

I miss Tom's.

Pad Thai should not be goo. Pad Thai should taste of something other than fish sauce. Pad Thai should have garlic in it. It ought to come with a lime, bean sprouts, carrots and egg. It had better be spicy. These three are missing any number of these essentials.

Things I need to eat:

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Lil' Frankie's Pizza

My potentially favorite coffee shop is open 24 hours. I just bought a second copy of a book I read last week by accident. The only things I have unread are:
(1) Longer poems of Auden
(2) Mishkin on Finance
(3) Benjamin Graham
(4) Hackers and Painters, eh sure...

Also, it's at least 80 degrees in here... and it's cold out there. Somebody tell me what to do.

Pizza Pictures


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-Stolen from Seattlest
-Eaten at Le Pichet

Fuck you Chicago: One of many reasons Guam is better.

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“This ban is embarrassing Chicago,” said Grant DePorter of Harry Caray’s Restaurant, which dreamed up an appetizer of pan-seared foie gras and scallops ($14.95) and a Vesuvio-style entree pairing foie gras and tenderloin ($33.95) just to buck the new ordinance. “We really don’t think the City Council should decide what Chicagoans eat. What’s next? Some other city outlaws brussels sprouts? Another outlaws chicken? Another, green beans?” -The Times Also, foie gras hot dogs
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Didn't you used to be a vegetarian?
Ow, the irony just gave me a hernia.
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
I like sausage now.
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Cupcake Royale

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the secret of boboli

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mise en place, pad thai

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or, how to keep your garlic intake up without eating any more pizza.

Pizza Stone: First Try

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ice cream crepe, squeeze bottle catastrophe

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raspberry crepes

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