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Have you guys tried Annonzilla?

posted by anwar on 07.02.21 at 19:13, Engineering, technology, null, 2 comments Permalink

It looks like an interesting proofreading/annotation engine for webpages.

Does anyone else know of similar software? I wonder if it works on dynamic pages...


Comment from: anwar [Member] ·
The annotations stay loaded -- but if the dynamic page changes, the region information [for the given annotation] will be lost.
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Comment from: collin [Member] ·
Is this for Cate? Does it have anything to do with my poor speeling?
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No Walled Garden for Me

posted by anwar on 07.02.16 at 13:20, Economics, technology, null, 1 comment Permalink

I have come around to Marco's view that maybe phones could be useful computing devices.

If I ever bought a smartphone it would look like this:

Free - as in speech.

Comment from: ben [Member] ·
I'm actually pretty sold on the usefulness of Blackberries. I like how it polls the mail server... now if it weren't all proprietary with the mailness... and if it only had a camera... and the ability to run programs I write... and... wait, I just want a Windows Mobile phone... damnit.
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