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You can't cross the same river twice

posted by anwar on 06.09.19 at 22:40, Engineering, null, null, 1 comment Permalink

So there I am, wandering around Cornell this evening during some free moments on a recruiting trip, and I'm overcome by this feeling that I'm walking through a ghost town.

Aside from a new building here and there, its almost exactly as I left it. The crisp autumn breeze, scores of stars overhead, and the hourly rings from the clock tower.

Walking around a little more, I see the benches I used to sit on, the trees I would read under, and even the little divot on Libe slope that I'd nap in.

As much as its all the same, the campus -- devoid of my friends and past life -- doesn't remember me. And so I find myself an interloper -- trespassing on places that have new owners and new meanings.

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This comment is a little late, but when I first saw this post I was for some reason too retarded to remember how to log in.

I went back to Stanford shortly after moving back out here... it was strange. You do an excellent job of putting the feeling into words; your post really captures how I felt. (And in so doing, makes me feel a little better about feeling that way.)
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