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There have been 27 web tv requests for nonplatonic and.... one OS/2 request!

comments with images

posted by graham on 06.10.03 at 16:31, admin, 2 comments Permalink

how do i put an image into a comment without logging in as admin and editing the comment?

Comment from: ben [Member] ·
You can give yourself permission to edit comments (under the blogs tab somewhere), but I think you need to edit the comment to insert the image (or link), since it appears to strip them out. I can have that be my next little project: change it so that if you're a member, it doesn't strip the tags out. Sound good?

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Comment from: graham [Member] ·
That would be nice.
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You can use any tags you want now, but it doesn't do syntax checking at all anymore... so be careful not to leave any nasty open tags laying about...

More posts on front page?

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Double it? More?

Seems like stuff got pushed off quick, especially with comments...

Since the admin blog has a link now, should this be "protected" instead of "published"? Does it matter?

Comment from: ben [Member] ·
It was 15, I just changed it to 20. The setting is under settings in /admin, but you have to log in as admin to do it.

Does that sound good?

We probably ought to set them to protected, but I can't imagine why it would matter... it just seems like a thing to do...

I think if it really matters, we ought to hide the admin blog instead.
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
So, are we happy with the number of posts?
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Oh god, there's a beta now that's surely incompatible with all the work I did on the miserable alpha. Motherfuckers.

Comment from: graham [Member] ·
I noticed that a few days ago when I was looking for a solution to comment editing, but I kind of figured telling you would only make you angry.
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Permalinks are a little more sane now. All the blogs are accessible at URLs like

to do

posted by ben on 06.07.19 at 02:06, admin, 1 comment Permalink

Do we want the admin blog in the blog bar?

(1) Fix uploads to something sane like before... automatically upload to a directory, get rid of the stupid file manager.

(2) Fix comment editing in back office so the captcha isn't required if logged in.

Ok, so that's done. It doesn't ask for the captcha if you're logged in at all.

(3) YouTube inline

(4) Get rid of all the stupid restrictions for tags in comments. Alternatively, I could try to figure out how to get rid of all the syntax checking in posts and comments... the restrictions are kind of annoying.

(5) Maybe personalize the skins a bit?

You can change your skin now and the captcha will be there. Everyone has a copy of the nonplatonic skin in their skin directory (excepting graham). godaddy only gives me one ftp account though (and no shell accounts). If you want the l/p, send me an email.

Comment from: graham [Member] ·
I like having admin in the blog bar. It reminds me to check it periodically.

1) I know it's stupid, but I've gotten used to the file manager, so either way is fine with me.

2 & 5) These would be nice...
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Adding allowed tags?

posted by collin on 06.07.18 at 13:47, admin, 1 comment Permalink

Unlike Graham I kinda like the embedded youtube thing. But B2 doesn't like the object tag. And I would change this where? I didn't see it in setting or anything...

Comment from: ben [Member] ·
I have no idea. I imagine it's somewhere in b2core. Eh... probably htsrv actually.
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Comment editing

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Blogs tab
[blog name]
User Permissions tab
Layout: Wide
x: Edit comts

I added everyone but nate/shenni/webster (sorry webster) to mine. I wasn't sure if people wanted theirs changed also.


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Where does everybody send the files they upload here? I've just been using the nonplatonic location, but I think I'm going to switch to using mine unless anyone has a reason not to. I'm tired of looking through the big nonplatonic file manager list, so this should fix that until I get a bunch of files in my folder also.

posted by ben on 06.05.21 at 14:26, null, admin, 1 comment Permalink

comment spam will hopefully be a thing of the past. I added a little field where you need to type in "asd" to have your comment posted.

Comment from: devin [Member] ·

Nice work.
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posted by graham on 06.03.21 at 03:04, admin, 1 comment Permalink

I just checked, and I am getting the comment problem as well.
Also, were all the other skins deleted because of the comment spam?

Comment from: ben [Member] ·
I changed them all to the nonplatonic skin... the other skins are still there... but we should probably fix the comment spam issue before using them again, since they seem to attract the spam bots.
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I changed the skin to only show comments from users since I've been getting crazy amounts of comment spam. Still, this doesn't seem like the best solution....

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Any ideas on how to deal with all the comment spam?

posted by ben on 06.02.27 at 22:52, null, admin, Leave a comment Permalink

Graham, something with your skin seems to attract the spammers. So I switched it back to the nonplatonic skin.

posted by ben on 06.02.16 at 21:41, admin, Leave a comment Permalink

and someone ought to figure out if we can get it to generate static files automatically.

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Collin thinks we should go to the new version and did the work so far on the new skin. It means all the old skins get trashed. Sorry about that.

It basically works. We need to clean up the main skin and fix the uploads so they go to different directories.

As far as cleaning up the skin, the bar at the top of the page could use some work. We might want to do something clever with the linkblog and I'd like to see the comments displayed inline again. I think Collin agrees with at least this last point.

Oh, and the permissions in the blog control panel are all borked. I didn't have permission to post to the admin blog at first...

new tom

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I'm just going to copy the old blog up to the new server for now. Porting to the new b2evolution alpha (by which they apparently mean release version) is an incredible pain. I'm still trying to get the pictures up from old tom, so until that happens there are going to be a lot of posts with missing pictures. Check the admin blog for further goings on.

In the meantime, it's safe to post again.

posted by ben on 06.02.05 at 06:57, admin, Leave a comment Permalink

If someone wants to fight the good fight with getting the alpha to work, please do. I think that's the last config thing that really needs to be done. I'm also copying your old home directories up, though that only appears to matter for me, Collin and Graham.

If you notice anything else I fucked up with the server, please tell me (or fix it).

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Graham discovered that banning the referers stops b2 from processing all the spam traffic, allowing the blog to sort of function.

I just noticed that nearly all the spam referers were going to the blogs of Anwar, Graham and Scott. So, I just edited your templates so you don't show referers on your pages. I assume this will has the same effect it had on the other blogs and our referer spam will go to zero.

I hope.