3 is the
first odd
Thought, or the life of the mind. For myself this is the study of mathematics, which I like to think of (as do many others) as the study of objects and the patterns and relations between them.
Personally I think that post-modernism, or popomo or what ever is the method du jour, is a bunch of crap. I've seen enough that I like to think there are still some things which are sublime and not subjectable to rhetorical vivisection. Without much reason, I'll call this art.

It would be foolish to forsake the body in favor of the mind. I'd like to think that I balance this part of living well with the other two.  Though I might be a dabbler in many things and a jack of none.

While it may seem interesting to try to segregate life into a triad, it doesn't really work. Therefore, some things aren't in the three catagories, but instead below.

"Psychology is not applied biology, nor is biology applied chemistry.
Can science achive a unified theory of complex systems?"
--Kool Keith aka Dr. Octagon

I like bicycles and have many of them. Remember safety is for the weak.

The word of the day is "craptastic."