The Trident

It's snowing incredibly hard. It's also January and about 8:00pm. This means that it is very dark outside the Trident.
But, it is warmer inside, where Graham (not Curkendall) resides with a cup of the Trident's absurdly bitter coffee, and his photographs which are shamefully better than mine.
Nate mocks me...
Patrick is going to teach little high schoolers English in Philadelphia next year.
I showed this awful photograph to a girl. She got very excited. "That's Bob from my Aikido class."
Ben Hale believes in absolute freedom of speech (and the press incidentally).
I don't know what Andres believes in (or what is on his neck).
Peggy on the right, Sue on the left. Peggy Sue became two...

That's Rob, emphatically explaining something to Michael and Liz.

Rob is "dating" Liz. It is important to note that though Rob is "dating" Liz, Liz is not Rob's "girlfriend."

I don't understand either.

This is the dog of the earlier dog and man series.